WANTED: • Used & Retired Equipment Liquidations• Due To Going Out Of Business Or Downsizing•

TNT Body Works and Equipment Sales
6031 Eureka Springs Rd
Tampa, FL 33610
United States

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• Used & Retired Equipment
• Due To Going Out Of Business Or
• We Take It All - Working Or Not!
• Will Buy Entire Fleet
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Alex Patroski
6031 Eureka Springs Rd
Tampa FL 33610
United States
Your Source for Heavy Equipment and Custom Aluminum Fabrication. Call us with your vision and let us build you your perfect box. We will help you create and customize a box to your desired specifications. We have the experience and know how to get the job done. We will build a box that will suit you and your needs for decades to come. Trust the experts, We have been manufacturers of Standard and Custom Bodies since 1984.

TNT Body Works and Equipment Sales Alex Patroski
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