10/18/2023  Don Dowd

SUFFOLK COUNTY, NEW YORK, USA, October 3, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- During Covid, a significant growth in the residential tree care industry was reported across the U.S. Professionals in the industry such as Don Dowd, co-owner of Tree Leads Today, are seeing that trend continue. Tree Leads Today is a marketing company that provides exclusive leads to tree care companies nationwide. Tree Leads Today grew by over 500% in 2020 and has continued to expand across the entire U.S.

As founder and co-owner of Tree Leads Today, Don is not surprised at the forecasts and reports of steady continued growth in the industry over the next several years. “One of our features that makes our marketing model so successful is the exclusivity of the leads we provide to our tree company partners. We market for only 1 tree company in each zip code across country, so once a tree company has secured their desired zip codes with us, they are the only tree company we partner with in that entire zip code. We have streams of calls come in from tree services who want to partner with us, but the zip codes they hoped for are already taken. We do usually find them territory near their first choice and they can get put on the wait list for zip codes that are unavailable,” explains Don.

Most tree companies that work with Tree Leads Today are rapidly expanding thanks to the high volume of quality leads that Tree Leads Today brings them. Luis Garcia, owner of Garcia Tree Removal, comments “I’m blown away at the volume of leads Tree Leads Today is able to get for me on a steady basis. I’ve done over 250 leads a month and Tree Leads keeps it coming. Garcia Tree Removal provides all types of tree services throughout Suffolk County, New York. “The fact that I pay only for the leads I get, rather than paying a set amount of money with no idea of how many leads will come out of it is a goldmine. I lost so much money in the past on marketing that didn’t produce. With Tree Leads Today, I can’t possibly lose,” exclaims Luis.

To contact Tree Leads Today: https://www.TreeLeadsToday.com / (610) 227-6290

To reach Garcia Tree Removal in Suffolk County, NY: 631-449-2348

About Tree Leads Today:
Tree Leads Today (https://www.treeleadstoday.com) is a leading marketing and lead generation company specializing in the tree care industry. With a proven track record of success and a commitment to customization, they offer targeted marketing solutions that empower businesses to grow, save time, and achieve a higher ROI.

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