Track Jarraff All-Terrain Tree Trimmer

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The steel and rubber track model utilizes a rugged undercarriage. The undercarriage offers maximum stability and mobility, more than other types of tree trimming equipment or arborist equipment, allowing the user to go places other machines cannot. This model offers extremely low ground pressure, making it ideal for wet conditions, like bogs, swamps, and alderbottoms.

The Jarraff’s Maintenance-Free Boom Belt Drive System offers quiet operation, reduces downtime and requires only a periodic adjustment.

The Tier IV Cummins 130 horsepower liquid-cooled engine meets all EPA regulations, while improving overall fuel efficiency and roading speed. The engine positioning allows for easy access and service.

The Jarraff’s push blade features an updated blade design for better field performance.

Convenient 20,000 pound pull winch standard on every model. (Comes with 150′, 5/8″ cable.)

Improved hose reel placement provides better protection from falling limbs.

Convenient service panels help make routine maintenance simple, by providing quick and easy access to the engine and hydraulic components, ultimately minimizing downtime

Low ground pressure steel and rubber track with proprietary carrier is ideal for soft land, swamps and bog locations. The unit features a visible grease zerk bank for convenient servicing.

The dielectrically tested, non-conductive telescopic boom extends up to 75 feet with a 180-degree range of motion.

The Jarraff’s rotary manifold design allows for 360 degree-plus rotation without impeding or impacting operations.

With the ability to rotate 180 degrees, the Jarraff’s saw head can be positioned to perform the most difficult cuts quickly and easily.

Combined with the lateral tilt of the cab, ROW maintenance operators have never had so much cutting capability before.

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1730 Gault Street
Saint Peter MN 56082
United States
Founded in 1979, Jarraff Industries provides high quality, specialized right-of-way maintenance, land clearing and tree care equipment that is used throughout the world.

Its customers include international, national, regional and local contractors; as well as state and local governments, utility companies and tree care companies domestic and international.

Jarraff Industries design, manufactures and markets the Jarraff All-Terrain Tree Trimmer, Mini-Jarraff Urban Forester and the LineBacker Brush Cutter.

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