TM Spade Blade

TM Manufacturing
25621 Mn Hwy 4
Grove City, MN 56243
United States

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TM Spade Blade

Now you can turn your skid loader into high performance digging machine with the TM Spade Blade. Use it to dig up rocks, stumps, and trees, or to quickly dig holes, make trenches, and more!

Have you ever grabbed a square nose shovel when you needed a spade? Now you know what your skid loader feels like.

This is the only place you can find a spade shovel for your skid loader.
Matt Trelstad
25621 Mn Hwy 4
Grove City MN 56243
United States
We specialize in wood splitters for your skid loader. We have been manufacturing skid splitters since 2002, and we never waiver from quality materials and workmanship. This makes TM splitters the fastest and strongest money can buy. At TM Manufacturing we manufacture 6 different models of wood splitters for skid loaders. We have three different strokes and three different cylinder bore sizes, making it easy to match a splitter to your machine.

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