SuperGrip Grapple Attachment

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Grapple - Log
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Our reliable classic, the SuperGrip, is to our great delight the most widely used log grapple among the world’s machine contractors. Since its launch in the mid-1990s, we’ve continually improved the SuperGrip to meet your increasing productivity demands.

The SuperGrip std is a light yet extremely powerful grapple for regular forwarding. It’s most suitable for thinning, but can also be used for lighter clear-cutting. This is the model we manufacture the most, and it forms the foundation of our SuperGrip series. Just as its name suggests, the SuperGrip std has become a standard of sorts in the industry – the ideal log grapple.
Gerry Mallory
22 Morton Ave. East
Brantford ON N3R 7J7
Since 1928, Hultdins has been developing and manufacturing tomorrow's tools and components for forest and construction machinery. Our products SuperCut and SuperGrip are used
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