SuperGrip 360S Log Grapple

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The SuperGrip-S is a heavily reinforced log grapple that can handle the toughest forwarding jobs. It’s also ideal for mounting on an excavator.

In designing the SuperGrip-S, we’ve incorporated all our knowledge about durability and ruggedness to give contractors looking for a sturdy grapple exactly what they need. Just like its fellow SuperGrip grapples, the SuperGrip-S is used in forests around the world. It’s especially popular in North America, South America, and Australia, which have the heaviest tree species and the most challenging conditions.

The S after SuperGrip stands for strong, indicating that we’ve used thicker plates throughout, from the frame to the tips of the arms. We have, however, retained the popular geometry, as operating an S-grapple should feel like operating a SuperGrip std, other than that it can take more of a beating. The SG360S is the tank of the forest. When nothing else can cope, this grapple has proven itself the ultimate solution on countless occasions. A very important factor if a grapple is to cope with heavy loads is that the pins are generously sized. The larger the pin diameter, the larger the area over which the force is spread. The SG360S has grapple arm pins with a diameter of 80 mm, easily the largest in its class. That these are expander pins with an internal taper is a given – it is, after all, a Hultdins!
Garet Robinson
121 Roy Blvd, Unit 4
Brantford ON N3R 7K1
As of January 1st, 2022, Olofsfors Inc became the distributor for Hultdins products in the North American market, and Indexator rotators will also be a part of the distribution.

Hultdins Grapples are the forest industry standard on log trucks and forwarders. Our traditional models are starting to become common on excavators for tree service, land clearing, feeding chippers or grinders, and part time logging. All SG Grapples are equipped with Indexator GV Rotators and links are available to match, any forwarder, log truck or excavator mount.

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