Sneller R–360 Grapple Saw

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Grapple - Saw
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The Sneller R–360 grapple has a rigid wrist, and 360 deg. Continuous rotation. These features allow accurate placement of the grapple and the ability to hold items at any angle. Unlike double cylinder grapples the R-360 single cylinder lever action brings material into a better cutting position like most traditional log grapples.

With A Sneller R-360 Saw grapple on your job, not only will your jobs run smoother and faster, but can also be safer by removing a hand cutter out of the way of harm. So if you're stacking, loading, feeding or sorting, the R360is the right tool for your daily operation. The R-360 can be attached to an array of excavators from sizes 160 and larger. Pin on or other Hyd. grabbers can be used to attach this powerful tool to an excavator.

*optional hydraulic powered chain saw can be added for even more productivity
Jean Bennington
706 Alpha Dr
Cleveland OH 44143-2125
United States
Sneller Machine is a fourth generation special equipment design and manufacturing company . Quality and durability have always been a company priority. Using thick, high grade steel, each machine is individually manufactured and assembled from start to finish, assuring lasting quality and performance.

Additionally, the land clearing equipment has been designed by personnel with years in the land clearing business, who carry a full knowledge of all its needs. This is why Sneller Machine can deliver the difference others are unable to match.

Sneller Machine & Tool Co Jean Bennington
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