3/22/2023  Don Dowd

Tree Leads Today provides high-quality leads for over 700 tree care companies across 45 states. The company's founder, Don Dowd, is sharing a simple strategy that can vastly increase closure rates with minimal time and cost. 
EXTON, Pa., March 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Tree Leads Today (TLT) founder Don Dowd is revealing a simple system that he says can increase tree care sales by 30% overnight. The system involves sending a follow-up letter to homeowners who have received an estimate for the tree care company’s services. Dowd refers to this system as “the 60-cent salesperson”.
“The company is already paying for the lead, and the homeowner has already expressed enough interest in receiving an estimate,” Dowd says. “The 60 cents or so that you spend on paper and stamps is the best money you could ever spend to
turn that lead into a sale.”
Here are the steps that Dowd lays out to successfully make this system work:
1) Use a white plain #10 envelope with a first-class stamp. Purchase a large supply of these ahead of time along with enough paper to print out a sufficient number of copies of the letter.
2) Customize this letter with your company information. (You can copy it directly from this article or contact Tree Leads Today to get a free copy emailed to you.)
Good Afternoon!
I recently gave you an estimate for tree services at your
residence. If you have any questions or would like more
information about the estimate, please don’t hesitate to call
me anytime!
We at (Your Company Name) understand the value of a
long-term client. We would love the opportunity to gain your
business now and in the future.
(Your Name)
3) Print out a bunch of follow-up letters ahead of time based on the number of estimates you typically do each week/month. Have your estimator sign each letter personally, then stuff the letter into one of the envelopes.
4) Do NOT put your return address on the outside of the envelope. You are not required to put a return address on the envelope if you use a first-class stamp. Not doing so will help ensure that the envelope gets opened.
5) At the end of each day, hand-write the name and address of every homeowner who received an estimate that day, place a
first-class stamp on the envelopes and mail them. By sending the letters the same day as you did the estimate, the customer
will have it in hand usually within 24-48 hours, which is the perfect follow-up timeframe to remind them of your visit.
“Many companies don’t even return calls or show up for an estimate,” Dowd continues. “Implementing this simple follow-up
system sets your business up to outshine the competition. At this point, price becomes a lot less of a factor, because the
homeowner knows they are dealing with a quality company, one that won’t do shoddy work, leave stuff behind after the job is completed, etc.”
The follow-up letter system is hardly used in the industry, even though it is easy to implement and requires minimal resources. The system can be done by anyone in the company and requires no special skills or training.
“If it is a larger tree care company, the letters can be prepared in advance and kept in the office, ready to be addressed and
sent out each day”, Dowd continues. “For smaller companies where the owner is the one going out and doing the estimates,
for example, you can just keep the envelopes stuffed and on hand in your truck, then hand-write the address on them and
mail them out at the end of the day.”
Dowd’s method has been tried and tested in his own tree care business, and many of the tree care companies he works with
that are doing well into the 7 figures have also implemented it.
“When I implemented this system in my own tree care company over two decades ago, I saw a 30% increase in sales virtually overnight, and those results are pretty typical. So for example, if you send 1,000 of these letters, you could potentially land an additional 300 jobs. At $1000 per job, that could add $300,000 in gross revenue to the company from 1,000 estimates and mailings.”
Dowd believes his follow-up mailing system works so well not only because so few companies do it, but also because direct
mail is generally a better way to follow up with customers than emails or phone calls.
“I’ve found that the personalized letter works more effectively than emailing or calling for doing follow ups after an estimate. Emails can get buried, deleted, or end up in the spam box; and phone calls can seem invasive, especially if you catch somebody at the wrong time. A letter like this will almost always be opened, and it can be opened and read at the recipient’s leisure.”
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