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Scabbards For The Professional Arborist

Through extensive testing and product development, Safe Tree Products™ has introduced an ever growing product line of arborist safety supplies and bucket truck accessories designed with both durability and efficiency in mind. Constructed from a UV stabilized, virtually indestructible revolutionary material developed to withstand the harshest of conditions. Extreme heat to extreme cold, our new material protects an arborist throughout their day. Unlike fiberglass scabbards, this material will not fracture, splinter, or break apart.

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Arbor Tech Supply, NJ - 540-439-9038
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Newtown Power, CT - 203-426-5012
Albert Reeves
254 Wintrop St
Rehoboth MA 02769-1820
United States
Safe Tree Products™ is a business that is all about connecting tree enthusiasts with top quality products at great prices. Primarily we provide arboricultural products to the tree care profession.

Commitment to quality starts at the top where CEO Albert Reeves is in charge of selecting the tools and equipment that Safe Tree Products distributes. Albert is a genuine professional who strives to serve both trees and customers with the right solution for health, safety and long-term growth.

Albert has surrounded himself with dedication to providing the innovative tools that the tree care industry needs. Employees are obsessed with providing the best tools and knowledge to move the trade forward. Dedication to product development, new technologies and customer service are what will always remain the key to Safe Tree Products™ growing reputation in the tree caring industries.

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