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Ryan's Dangle Saw DS28C

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Dangle Saw
Engine Type
Category  Attachments

The DS series rugged chain & bar dangle saws are designed for excavators, track feller bunchers, and loader type carriers. The grapple style arm design allows operator to handle standing or fallen timber to fell, pile, cross-cut, trim, top and shovel. These heads are ideal for right-of-way clearing, selective cutting, salvaging storm timber and harvesting large trees. The dangle saw can be removed in a matter of minutes so that the carrier can be used for other purposes.

The DS-28C, recommended for the 16 – 20 ton excavators, has a 3/4 pitch saw chain running on a 37″ bar capable of cutting 28″ in a single pass or 36″ cut with multiple passes. The 360° continuous rotation allow the operator to fell in any direction with relation to the base machine.

Max Opening: 38"
Single Cut Cap.: 30"
Saw Bar: 37"
Saw Chain: 3/4 pitch
Sprocket: 9 tooth
Chain Oil Res. 8 gal
Rotator: Rotobec R6500
Motor: 45cc
Weight: 3200 lbs
Carrier: 14-25 ton excavator
Jill Ryan
111 Quicksilver Ln
Edmore MI 48829-7306
United States
Since 1997 it has been the policy of Ryan’s Equipment to design and build quality and high performance tree care and forestry attachments. We are continually active in research and development in order to offer products that exhibit environmentally friendly, low cost operating and safety. We design our attachments with a strong emphasis on easy access for maintenance and durability. We pride ourselves on the implementation of unique features that improve the life of the attachments and protect the carriers so that you can be more productive and profitable.

We can take your operation from start to finish with our array of grapples, shears, saws, mulchers, stump grinders and log splitters for skid steers and excavators.

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