Portable Stump Cutter

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Alpine Machine
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Category  Stump Grinders

Our Portable Stump Cutter can:
Cut a 12" stump in under 8 minutes and a 24" stump in less than 20.
Digs trenches and holes.
Clears brush.
Prunes and removes roots.
Special designed cutter teeth reduces risk of kick-back
Low initial outlay, running costs and maintenance.
Can be carried almost anywhere.
Will grind to 20" or more below ground level.
Can be used in confined spaces, between slabs etc.
Keith Cairns
7910 Thornburg St Sw
Olympia WA 98512-2368
United States
The Alpine Magnum is perfect for any stump-grinding application, which makes it ideal for the small-business owner. Time is money--and this highly portable stump grinder allows you to get in and out with maximum ease. Out stump grinder excels at even the largest of stumps, and due to its slim profile, you can grind those stumps even if rocks and debris surround them.

Alpine Machine Keith Cairns
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