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Platform Basket
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The 27.14 - 89' Arborist is an articulated tracked lift equipped with double scissor mechanism, with 30 feet up-and-over clearance. Weighing just 11,500lbs, the 27.14 can reach a working height of 89 feet. With one operator working in the basket (300 lbs), the 27.14 has an outreach of up to 50 feet; with 507 lbs in the basket, the maximum outreach is 42 feet.

The platform is extremely compact and in the stowed position is only 35 inches wide, which means it can pass through a standard door. Stabilization is all-automatic and the side outreach is also automatically handled over the 360-degree range of motion, based on the load in the basket and the stabilization mode. The 27.14 is the platform designed to meet the market demand for compact and high-performing platforms.

Max. working height: 89'
Max. outreach: 50' (wide setting) / 35' (narrow setting)
Max. basket load: 507 lbs
Basket size: 2’3” x 1’11” x 3’7” (1-man basket interior)
Basket rotation: + / - 90°
Turret rotation: + / - 180°
Traveling length: 23’3” (20’7” without basket)
Traveling height: 6'6"
Traveling width: 2’11” (narrow mode) / 4’3”(wide mode)
Operational width: Outrigger spread - 15’6” x 17’2” wide position / 11’5” x 21’ narrow position
Battery: 12V emergency power
Diesel engine: Kubota Diesel, 22 HP
Total weight: 11,500 lbs
Gradability, max. across slope up: 31% (17°)
Gradability, max. up and down slope: 31% (17°)
Deployment ability on slopes up to: 31% (17°)
Remote Operation / Control
Under CDL
Warranty Available
Tracked Lifts
3445 Board Road
York PA 17406
United States
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