6/22/2022  Olofsfors


Effective January 1, 2022 – Olofsfors Inc. became the distributor for Hultdins products in the North American market. Indexator rotators also became part of the distribution.

Since 1995, Hultdins and Olofsfors have a long history of working together in North America and in several other markets around the world. Both Hultdins and Olofsfors Inc. are in Brantford, Ontario so this will be a smooth and exciting transition for the companies.

Olofsfors is the market leader in bogie tracks for CTL machinery and wheel tracks for skidders and wheeled feller bunchers.

Olofsfors offers a wide range of bogie track models and linkage systems for various machine configurations and ground conditions. Most track models are now available in the next generation of curved cross members for increased flotation, less ground disturbance and easier machine turning. Olofsfors also offers ECO-Wheel Tracks to boost productivity and increase traction. ECO-Wheel Tracks provide numerous benefits over conventional chains including increased traction, less spin and grab, easier and less maintenance, and can fit on used tires.

Hultdins Grapples are the forest industry standard on log trucks and forwarders. Our traditional models are starting to become common on excavators for tree service, land clearing, feeding chippers or grinders, and part time logging. All SG Grapples are equipped with Indexator GV Rotators and links are available to match, any forwarder, log truck or excavator mount.

Visit: www.hultdins.com and www.olofsfors.com for more information.