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Our Bluetooth radios cancel out dangerous engine noise to improve work crew safety in heavy industry applications-for crane operators, road crews, etc.

Constant background noise is destructive, not only for productivity but also overall health. Yelling and being yelled at over the sound of heavy-industry equipment is mentally exhausting. Not only that, but the added noise can lead to serious, irreversible hearing loss.

We’ve invented a noise-cancelling algorithm that specifically targets low-frequency background noises such as chainsaws, truck engines, wood chippers, and other machinery.

Visit our website https://speakeasycommunication.solutions to order our noise canceling headsets and get a FREE t-shirt with your first order!
Alex Kundrat
17306 Harland Ave
Cleveland OH 44119
United States
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Since 2015, Speak Easy Communication Solutions has been making heavy industry jobsites safer.

Construction companies, arborists, search and rescue teams, and more rely on our revolutionary wireless intercom system for clear, noise-cancelling communication. Our technology eliminates costly mistakes and safety concerns associated with heavy-industry workplace communication.

While this cutting-edge digital technology pays for itself in reducing turnover, stress, and mistakes—we’ve also made our products competitive in price.

Contact us today to see how we can transform operations for your crew: alex@speakeasycommunication.solutions

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