Mini-Jarraff Urban Tree Trimmer

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The Mini-Jarraff Urban Tree Trimmer is designed for Right-of-Way maintenance and tree trimming operations in neighborhoods and other municipal settings. With exceptional reach, 55-feet, a rotating sawhead and remote control operation, the Mini-Jarraff provides tree trimming contractors, municipalities and distribution ROW maintenance professionals a safer, faster and easier way to trim tress and clear branches.

Liquid-cooled Deutz 74HP [55kW] Tier 4 Diesel engine that meets current EPA emissions regulations. Easy access to maintenance points. Non-DPF. NO DEF REQUIRED.

24 inch saw blade allows for accurate trimming with plenty of cutting power.

Internally mounted hose reels protect components from falling debris, at the same time giving more maneuverability.

Maintenance-free belt-driven Inner Boom operates quietly, easily adjustable and reduces maintenance costs.

The automatically adjusting legs narrow the machine’s overall width to 48 inches and widen to 126 inches, allowing the machine to work in the tightest of spaces, no outriggers required.

Patented rotating saw head design allows operator to rotate the saw head 180 degrees, providing unmatched cut quality, accuracy and speed.

The multi-axis upright provides machine stability, articulating 15 degrees in all directions, either manually or automatically, and allows all time 4-wheel ground contact further guaranteeing stability during operation.

The non-conductive boom, ANSI tested boom can reach limbs up to 55 feet.

Rotating upright can swing 360 degrees in each direction, capable of making the most precise cuts.

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1730 Gault Street
Saint Peter MN 56082
United States
Founded in 1979, Jarraff Industries provides high quality, specialized right-of-way maintenance, land clearing and tree care equipment that is used throughout the world.

Its customers include international, national, regional and local contractors; as well as state and local governments, utility companies and tree care companies domestic and international.

Jarraff Industries design, manufactures and markets the Jarraff All-Terrain Tree Trimmer, Mini-Jarraff Urban Forester and the LineBacker Brush Cutter.

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