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56″ T1001 BMG

Branch Manager Attachments
9539 US-10
Ramsey, MN 55303
United States

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56″ T1001 BMG

The Original Mini-Grapple Built by Tree Guys, for Tree Guys
The original mini-grapple built by Branch Manager™ mounts onto all mini-loaders, coming fully assembled and ready to go to work. Speed up your forwarding operations with the BMG!

The swivel mount with free rotation means less maintenance and less weight, allowing you to lift more. No lock is needed, customers with competitors’ products have reported over the years that locking pins sheer and spring returns break.

Large 56″ opening and lightweight at 239 lbs automatically returns to the center. It delivers free rotation and turns the grapple, not your machine, which saves wear and tear on both your customers’ lawns and your machine.

For a dealer closest to you: https://www.branchmanagerusa.com/dealer-locator/
Branch Manager
9539 US-10
Ramsey MN 55303
United States
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In 1998 Dave Nordgaard made the tree industry’s first Mini Bypass Grapple designed for Mini Skid Steers as part of a solution for his tree company’s need to remove tree debris from job sites. Since 2001, Branch Manager has been working hard to bring you the best attachments for Tree Work. Each attachment we manufacture was developed specifically for the job site with the knowledge from and experience of Tree Care Companies.

We have proudly expanded our manufacturing into tree service equipment attachments of a wide variety. From large grapples with mounted winches to engine-driven stump grinders and brush cutters. Branch Manager Attachments will increase efficiency, decrease labor, and respect time and safety on your job site.

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