Happiness is never having to climb a tree again- 90HD + Arbor Pro, 60F, 72HD+ Arbor Pro and 100HD+

All Access Equipment
891 Woburn St
Wilmington, MA 1887
United States

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Fast Travel & Setup using wireless remote
controls and automatic self-leveling.
Reach 100 ft tall trees in under 3 minutes.
Simple & intuitive basket control station
joysticks, allowing up to 3 functions at full speed
Reach MULTIPLE trees from ONE setup.
Work from a safe & secure basket separate from
the dangerous & questionable trees.
Two Lifts for the Price of One:
(1) Transport & operate the lift from the back of
an under CDL truck or trailer.
(2) Unload and operate as a self-propelled
backyard lift that can enter 36” gates.
Heavy duty & long-lasting build quality.
The Best Tracked Lift Support in North America:
Nationwide service, parts, and technical support from
Remote Operation / Control
Warranty Available
Lenny Polonski
891 Woburn St
Wilmington MA 1887
United States
We provide simple solutions for difficult access. Our CMC tracked lifts offer compact dimensions and incredible reach in a very lightweight package. These lifts are safe, easy to operate, are fast and fun. They are the solution for difficult and previously impossible situations. CMC Tracked Lifts are articulating, track mounted, aerial lifts. Small packages, big reach.

All Access Equipment Lenny Polonski
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