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Stump Grinder Teeth
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Introduced in 2006, the LoPro® series of pockets have a slim design that allows for a 3/4" clearance between the side of the pocket & the stump to reduce pocket wear and improve overall performance.

Available in the 500, 700 & 900 series, every LoPro® pocket is designed with a threaded & counter-bored hole so that it can be placed on either side of the wheel.

For the higher horsepower machines, we offer our 1100 series of teeth & pockets.

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Vanessa Holly
9650 Packard Rd
Morenci MI 49256-9557
United States
Stump Grinding professionals have been choosing Greenteeth for over 20 years. Manufactured in the USA, our innovative products reduce the time and money spent on each stump.

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