Grapple Saw Skid steer Attachment for Bobcat

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Grapple - Log
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Custom built steel attachment to run three function grapple saw. Unit has continuous rotation, fully functional log grapple and hydraulic saw. MS400 hydraulic saw with 16" cut, with adjustable chain speed and return. GRA-L 22 grapple opens to 55” with a continuous rotation R7CFF rotator. This model only fits Bobcat T550 through T750 with 7 pin connector and quick connect hydraulic hookups. This system uses the built in Bobcat joystick controls to "plug and play." There are no additional wires to run or programming to perform. Weighs 1,150 lbs
Price on complete unit, including shipping is $16,800
Currently we are designing additional models for other skid steer makes. Please contact us with questions or availability inquires.
Jack Lippett
218 Virgil H Goode Hwy
Bassett VA 24055-5984
United States
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