Goman Lift X18/ GX60

Goman Lift
8100G Trans Canada Route
QC H4S 1M5

Engine Type

Compact design, AC 16A outlet in the basket
► German made HMI and safety PLC controller
► cable control, integrated radio function for free
►Self-leveling basket, and interchangeable with hydraulic winch
or hydraulic pruning saw with 350 degree rotation
►Automatic outrigger leveling as optional
► hydraulic adjustable crawlers for height and width
►Hydraulically arms and outrigger interlock
►Weight dispersal low ground pressure
►Made of high tensile steel, hot dip galvanized boom available
►Cable remote control, integrated with radio control
►Reach standard of ISO, CE and ANSI
X18 (GX59) Price for Standard Parameters &Features, options
Our 60’ & 69’ Lifts Use Hot Dip Galvanized Booms, Radio+Cable
Control, Vertically Extendable Crawlers, German/Italian
Hydraulic and Electronic Components, Hybrid Power: Gas/Diesel
Engine + Lithium Battery + AC, Ranging From 26’ to 173’ WH.

Diesel engine Kubota Z482 + US$5200 Automatic outrigger leveling + US$1080
Lead-acid battery 48V 165Ah + US$3100 Basket rotation + US$790
Lithium battery 48v 250Ah + US$5100 Integrated radio control + US$1500
Grapple cutter + US$2600 Hydraulic extendable crawlers + US$1160
Hydraulic pruning saw + US$2900 Lithium battery lowering system+ US$1100
Hydraulic winch 300kg capacity+US$1190 Hydraulic tool outlet + US$480
Thomas Xia
8100G Trans Canada Route
QC H4S 1M5
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Est. in 2017, located in Saint Laurent, Quebec, we provide Spider lifts, Scissor lifts (accessories) as well as material handling equipment. We only work with quality products, built with latest technology. Our products are always using Germa Hawe valves, IFM controller, telematics and engines from Japan/USA.

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