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Free Storm Job pricing software & Free Ins Claims invoicing class!

Clarity Market Offers online contract signing with hourly rates & auto downloadable comparables for emergency tree services.

In the age of cameras, GPS, and 3d mapping, why do we still go out to do estimates? The answer is that each company, tree, customer, and insurance company are different. There are no base lines, nothing to point at as a universally acknowledged reference. This has forced each tree service to pre-visit the jobsite and give individual prices.

We need a system that has a common baseline, and Clarity Market has created it.

At ClarityMarket, we illuminate the TRUE market pricing, and allow competitors to serve their clients as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our goal is to provide mitigation services with the ability to respond as fast as possible to emergency situations. We want to empower them to charge reasonable rates without the fear of having to slog through endless legal battles to get paid. Especially when the homeowners agreed the price was reasonable in an open, free, and efficient market.

By Joining ClarityMarket, Your Company will have instant access to the Most Accurate Comparables from other Clarity Market companies, defending your pricing as reasonable in the free market where you compete.

You also have access to are free online insurance training class, as well as be part of a growing community of emergency medication tree services wanting to raise the bar in the industry.

You also have direct access to the Clarity Market staff To help you through invoicing insurance carriers for the work you perform.

Tired of struggling for your money? Being compared to non-existent contractors through outdated software? Non-transparent Market surveys claiming this is the market rate? ClarityMarket is your solution! Our patent-pending system doesn’t need surveys because every member within ClarityMarket clearly puts their pricing into the system so there is no obscurity.

ClarityMarket’s patent pending software bridges all barriers between different marketplaces whether it's Google Maps, Yelp, Angie's List, Direct Mail, Yellow Pages, Etc. Wherever there are services competing with each other, ClarityMarket is able to measure and track the true market price for any given job and provides a clear “Market Snapshot” (™) Of the exact market conditions in the area at the exact time the services were rendered.

ClarityMarket is free while in BETA mode. So Join now! www.ClarityMarket.com

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