7/20/2021  Matt

At TM Manufacturing we focus on strength and speed. We believe if you’re going to split wood with your skid loader, you need the strongest, fastest and most efficient design. We believe that a skidsplitter must be fast to justify splitting wood with your skid loader. With the TM SkidSplitter you will not be disappointed with your productivity. We are a family business and all of our products are made proudly in the USA.
Seeing is Believing
Increase your speed and make perfect cuts every time with the SkidSplitter’s unique viewing window - available on the TM Pro 2 and the TM Pro. Call us today and we’ll assist you in matching a SkidSplitter to your machine and wood splitting needs.
Multiple Wedges
The TM Pro 2 SkidSplitters have a combination of three different wedges that can be quickly interchanged, without any tools. With a single split, 4-way, and 6-way wedge, and optional custom-made wedges, you’ve always got the right wedge for the job.
Designed for Speed
All TM SkidSplitters are designed for maximum speed. Features for speed include the viewing window, multiple aggressive wedges, and an oversized rod in the cylinders.
Our SkidSplitters are the most reliable on the market. Buying a TM SkidSplitter means you won’t have to buy another splitter ever again. With 9 different models, 3 different strokes, and 3 different cylinder sizes, you’ll get exactly the splitter you need.
Visit www.skidsplitter.com to view a video and see our product line.