3/22/2023  TM Manufacturing

At T.M. Manufacturing, we specialize in wood splitters for your skid loader. We have been manufacturing skid splitters since 2005, and we never waiver from quality materials and workmanship. This makes TM splitters the fastest and strongest money can buy. We manufacture 6 different models of wood splitters for skid loaders with an optional excavator attachment. We have three different strokes and three different cylinder bore sizes, making it easy to match a splitter to your machine.
A Brief History of TM Manufacturing
In 2005, Matt Trelstad and Rick Marsh teamed up to build their first wood splitter. This splitter included the viewing window you now see on the Pro and Pro 2 models. They believed the ability to see the wedge as you split a log is one of the upmost important factors in log splitting from your skid loader. This model became to be known as the 24 Pro wood splitter, being their first ever splitter built for the TM Manufacturing business. This is also where the TM name originates, Trelstad, Marsh.
Since, 2006, TM Manufacturing has been a family-owned business. Within the company, Matt, his wife JoAnn, and his two sons, Travis and Thomas have continued to uphold and manufacture the high standards of the TM products. The company manufactures four models of splitters with over 10 different variations of bore size, stroke length, and wedge combinations. Over time, Matt has manufactured other successful and high-quality products including the TM Spade Blade, Demo-Dozer Grapple Bucket, and Utility / Snow Bucket.
The TM Pro Series Splitters are designed for the professional. If you are a tree service company, a wood processor company, or if you operate an outdoor wood boiler, the Pro Series Splitters are for you. Featuring a viewing window and large two-stage splitting wedge, the Pro Splitters are the fastest and strongest on the market. If you split a lot of wood, the Pro Series will pay for itself in fuel savings, hours on the machine, and labor.
During the summertime, Matt and his two sons participate in the Championship Off Road Racing Series. Just like their father (Matt Trelstad) did in the 80’s, Travis and Thomas have taken on the same passion for racing. For the past three years, since 2020, the two have raced in the 1600 single buggy class. Travis driving the 380 buggy and Thomas driving the 305 buggy. Within those three short years, Travis and Thomas have both won themselves podium ranking wins. Hard work and dedication follows this family from the manufacturing floor all the way to the race track.
Follow TM Manufacturing at the Championship Off-Road Series in the 1600 Single Buggy class! Car numbers 305 and 380.
Visit us at https://www.skidsplitter.com or call 320-286-3077 for more info.