11/17/2021  Branch Manager

Branch Manager Attachments grew out of one Tree company owners need for a brush and log moving attachment to fit his new Mini Loader. Dave Nordgaard, former owner of Top Notch Tree, the 1st accredited tree care firm in MN, says “I Bought my first Mini loader (ramrod 750) in 1998, the “bucket” style grapples I tried for mini loaders at the time had very small openings and broke under the rigors of professional Tree service work. After experimenting with a modified set of pallet forks and a simple hydraulic “Beak” I developed a light weight “Skid” type bypass grapple. Moving Brush, logs, and feeding the chipper never was easier and my tree crews loved it. Soon I was building them for friends and in 2002 My Son Dustin and I started Top Notch Equipment to Distribute the growing Branch Manager™ Line of mini loader attachments.

After 15 years of customers requesting under 36” wide machines I found Giant articulating loaders in Europe summer of 2016. After my first visit to the factory in the Netherlands I was very impressed in the quality of the machine, all steel construction, under 36” capability, along with the company culture and business practices. In my time there I had also learned that Kubota, a company well known for their engines, puts their name on the Giant loaders in Europe.

The owner of Giant was very receptive to modifications we requested and developing the U.S. market. They re-engineered the machine with our requests and allowed me to put my Branch Manager trademark on it, giving me exclusivity to the 13-function joystick and under 36” dual tire options. I felt honored and enthusiastic as this grand opportunity fell in my lap to market an incredible machine to my tree industry brothers. I embarked on ordering 254 Tele machines and labeling it with our Red color as a Branch Manager Edition 325T.

I am so impressed by the quality & reliability of Giant machines, and the integrity & honesty of the owner, whom I now work with as a consultant to the tree industry. The machine is now distributed as the yellow Giant Groundskeeper 254T.

After selling hundreds of mini skids and hundreds of Avants to the tree industry over the last 16 years I’m proud to hitch my Brand Manager reputation to the Giant line of articulating wheel loaders. Should you have any questions on how to get your hands on one of these machines please do not hesitate to call me direct at 612-221-2043.

Dave Nordgaard,


Branch Manager LLC

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