6/23/2021  Cori Miller


AP Equipment Financing has been helping people and businesses finance equipment since 1998. By financing millions of dollars in essential equipment, AP has helped many small business clients grow their businesses throughout the years. AP Equipment Financing was founded in 1998 by our CEO Chris Enbom. He sought out to create a lending source for small businesses that needed equipment financing but didn’t want to experience the typical “red-tape” of more traditional lenders.

AP Equipment Financing has helped thousands of arbor companies grow their fleet and their business. We aren't your typical finance company. We work with dealers to learn about your tree care equipment so we can better understand your business.

  • We work with dealers nationwide to get you the trucks you need for your business.
  • We have reserved truck inventory made available to our customers.
  • We provide quick and easy finance options for your business by helping you locate the truck you need, coordinating shipping, & providing the best financing options tailored to your current business needs.
  • We offer 100% financing, seasonal payments, multi-equipment package financing, and fast approvals. All this with a personally tailored plan to fit your business needs.

The mission of AP Equipment Financing Incorporated is to provide fast, flexible, and knowledge-based financing, sourcing, and other equipment solutions for small businesses like arbor companies, delivery contractors, and septic/sanitation specialists. AP uses top human talent and technology to develop creative, mutually beneficial and profitable programs for businesses within targeted industries.

As a company, AP Equipment Financing is all about relationship building, with our motto being ‘The Power of Personal.’ Our customer relationships extend beyond the first financing – customers have stayed with us for years and financed their equipment while their businesses grew.

Our customers have seen increased resources behind every facet of our business. In short, this means better and faster service to our clients. Our team has already shown how innovation can make a difference. Our customers are feeling the impact of a company that attacks the small deals with as much vigor as the large. Plus, the competence and connections to handle all sizes of transactions smoothly and hassle-free.

Contact us:

treecare@apfinancing.com | 1-888-257-1727


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