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Easy Lift Arborist Series

UP Equip
229 Calixa Lavalle
QC J0L 2R0

Engine Type

61-36 A
70-36 AJ
87-48 AJ
101-48 AJ
Easy Lift 101-48AJ Features:
*Best Horizontal outreach in class @ 48'
*Easy Entry high capacity fiberglass basket
*Super Slim; Fit thru any backyard gate
*Lightest Tracked lifts on the market
* High Tensile Octagonal oversized booms
*Heavy Duty Thick Protection covers
*Amazing Departure angle to climb and load
* Long travel outriggers to set anywhere
*Work from truck/trailer bed
* Best structural warranty on the market
* Diesel and Electric standard
*Standard 12Volts Electrical system
*Extra long tracks for LGP
*Boom turn sideway in narrow outriggers setting
Martin Leblanc
229 Calixa Lavalle
QC J0L 2R0
UP Equip is specialized in challenging access solutions. It is strongly embedded in our DNA to find a solution for any given access defiance. We are dedicated to provide customers easy, safe and reliable equipment to access hard-to-reach working areas. We strive to be an important part of our customer’s daily success and overall productivity. Welcome to our Simple Inside™ world.

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