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CMC 50L- Nimble- Compact- Convenient

All Access Equipment
891 Woburn St
Wilmington, MA 1887
United States

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50L is the shortest 50 foot lift in the world in this size class at 11' 4". This lift weighs in at only 4,012 lbs, yet it is a very rugged and stable lift. It can be used both outdoors and indoors, as the standard format comes equipped with a 13 HP Honda gas engine and a 120V electric hydraulic power pack. The CMC 50L is an impressive lift with extreme capabilities. It is a phenomenal facility maintenance lift because it grants easy access to windows, gutters, lights, and much more.
This lift can also be purchased with Lithium Ion batteries only. Lithium Ion batteries have the distinct advantage of doubling and tripling the battery run time, with full performance for about 6 to 9 hours. While Lithium Ion batteries initially cost more, they have a much longer life span, hence maintenance costs are actually less in the long run compared to flooded batteries, with the ability to handle 4,500 charging cycles, compared to only 350 to 400 cycles of the flooded batteries.
In either format, the 50L can easily enter any 36" doorway or gate and travel outdoors on slopes up to about 15°.

For outdoor use, it is rugged enough for tree service tasks, however it has limited leveling ability (about 12" maximum), hence if the terrain is fairly level, this lift works very well. For steeper terrain, we recommend the next model up.

For indoor functions, this lift is a service person's best friend. This fast, light, nimble and rugged lift can easily enter and navigate the tightest of locations, quickly set up and in less than 3 minutes you can be working up to 50' working height (44' to the bottom of the basket).

For facility management, such as airports, hospitals, churches, office buildings, school departments, colleges and universities, needing a machine for light outdoor work and much indoor work, needing an all-around machine, without the need for steep slope setting up ability, much up and over reach and less than 50' working height, this fast, light lift is the right piece of equipment.

All of the above features, make the 50L an extraordinarily great lift for any application that needs a very compact lift, that is solid, dependable and a great value.
Lenny Polonski
891 Woburn St
Wilmington MA 1887
United States
We provide simple solutions for difficult access. Our CMC tracked lifts offer compact dimensions and incredible reach in a very lightweight package. These lifts are safe, easy to operate, are fast and fun. They are the solution for difficult and previously impossible situations. CMC Tracked Lifts are articulating, track mounted, aerial lifts. Small packages, big reach.

All Access Equipment Lenny Polonski
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