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UP Equip
229 Calixa Lavalle
QC J0L 2R0

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A new milestone achieved since the introduction of Easy Lift in USA in 2012
We are proud to report that for the last 10 years, no recordable OSHA incident
has been recorded involving any Easy Lift unit. Better engineering, thoughtful
design, top grade materials, meticulous manufacturing and rigorous quality control
make EasyLift brand unquestionably the strongest and the safest on the market
Martin Leblanc
229 Calixa Lavalle
QC J0L 2R0
UP Equip is specialized in challenging access solutions. It is strongly embedded in our DNA to find a solution for any given access defiance. We are dedicated to provide customers easy, safe and reliable equipment to access hard-to-reach working areas. We strive to be an important part of our customer’s daily success and overall productivity. Welcome to our Simple Inside™ world.

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