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The future is here! The folding vinyl cover combines all the best features of currently available bucket covers into 1 easy to use solution. With plastic polycomb support slats, this cover is sturdy enough to keep water from pooling (like a plastic hardshell or foam filled cover), but then also folds up to save space (like a traditional vinyl cover). The cover is held in place by a nylon strap that runs around the bucket opening under the lip which is then tightened with a buckle. At the end of the strap is a clip to use as a backup safety measure or while the bucket is in use.

Designed for single man buckets with an inside measurement of approximately 24" x 24". Actual outside lip to lip measurement is approximately 28" x 28". (See Bucket Cover Measuring Guide)

Jason Minke
8301 Clinton Park Dr
Fort Wayne IN 46825-3199
United States
Founded in 1957 on quality and value, PCC has been a leader in supplying Fiberglass Tough parts for the Aerial Man Lift and Bucket Truck industries. To this day we continue manufacturing buckets, liners, guards, and must-have accessories that meet or exceed all industry standards. Our replacement buckets have even been shown in testing to exceed the strength and durability of many OEM buckets. All of our fiberglass parts are made in house using hand layup procedures perfected through over 60 years of experience.

Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana since its founding, PCC is still a family owned business. Our goal is to continue to uphold the legacy of the PCC name by providing over-engineered products to exceed the strenuous demands of our customers and the tough jobs they perform every day. While primarily serving arborists and tree trimmers, linemen, utility, electrical, and sign companies, we also cater to several other industries that need a strong, corrosion-resistant product. Read below for a more complete list of what we can do for you!

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