BioJack Energy 160

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Grapple - Log
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Light and compact tree shear even for challenging tasks

2-in-1: Cutting and loading

The Biojack 160 energy wood grapple has powerful cutting capacity for a device of its size. It is perfectly suited for harvesting low-grade timber,energy wood, clearing fields and roadsides.

Due to its hydraulic activated blade, the Biojack 160 energy wood grapple can be used easily for felling and loading without any additional steps. There is no need to remove the blade for loading; in the loading position it is securely stowed away inside the frame. Installation is easy and swift; no additional hydraulics are required, other than a pressure and a return hose. The technical features of this Biojack grapple ensure that stumps are cut low and that the cutting result is smooth.

2-in-1: cutting and loading
for harvesting low-grade timber and clearing of fields and roadsides
impressive cutting capacity for a device of its size
hydraulically activated blade
no additional hydraulics are required, other than a pressure and a return hose
cutting at the ground level > low stump
2 grabs, mobile blade, tilt function: the most flexible, agile and functional solution!
base machine: small forwarders and tractors
Weight 350 lbs
Max Cutting Diameter 6-7”
Grapple Opening 33”
Gallons Per Minute 8 GPM
Operating Pressure 170- 190 Bar
Back Pressure 20-30 Bar

Price without rotator $6,335 with free shipping to contagious United States
Jack Lippett
218 Virgil H Goode Hwy
Bassett VA 24055-5984
United States
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