10/20/2023  Barreto Manufacturing, Inc.

Back in Stock – Barreto 920LS/922LS Log Splitter
The Return to Production Just in Time for Winter
La Grande, OR: Barreto Manufacturing, Inc. is announcing the return of the 920LS/922LS Log Splitter to its product lineup. Log splitter production was temporarily paused in 2022, but now the machine is back in action and ready to make quick work of wood splitting projects.
“This unit joined our product family in 2006, and we are glad to see it return. It’s a tried-and-true workhorse that endures the abuse of wood splitting and the heavy use of the rental market, year after year,” says Tim Phelps, Director of Sales and Marketing. “Don’t run out of time to add it to your fleet before the approaching winter weather.”
Features and benefits of the 920LS/922LS include:
• Vertical or horizontal splitting positions
• Torsion axle suspension & cushioned contact points
• Standard two-handed operation control system for safety
The 920LS/922LS is available today and is a valued member of the Barreto tree care equipment family. For more information on the 920LS/922LS, visit https://barretomfg.com/equipment/tree-care.
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