2007 Mack Granite with IMT 52-380 crane

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2007 IMT
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2007 Mack Granite with IMT 52-380 crane with an
FJ1800 fly jib and 25" grapple saw
Mack Granite truck has a Mack 427 hp engine with Allison
automatic transmission (any helper can easily drive it)
120,306 miles
9,186 hours
Heavy duty suspension for crane stability:
Front axle suspension 23,000 lbs.
Rear axles 23000 lbs x 2
Truck also has a pusher axle in front of tandems and a tag axle behind them.
Crane extends 72' horizontally lifting a whopping 2,930 lbs straight outward.
Subtract the weight of your Mecanil SG280 25" grapple saw of 1,000 lbs = you can cut and retrieve a 1,930 lb tree section horizontally WITHOUT CLIMBING.
Vertical capacity is almost 2X more: 4,850 lbs minus the 1000-lb grapple saw's weight = 3,850 lb.
tree section payload at its maximum vertical reach of 76'.
Note: This crane's super agile fly jib has the bonus feature of being able to bend forwards to
perpendicular and also backwards up to 19-degrees for added accuracy during your crane placements
in tree forks.The reach and stability is engineered so to never bend backward over center.
No additional extensions can be added per IMT technical support.
Front and rear stability outriggers are included
Your new Mecanil 25" grapple saw in package must be special ordered.
Hydraulic reels to tip of jib shall be added for 1) saw's tilt 2) rotation left or right 3) grapple's opening or clamping 4) chainsaw cutting function.
This crane has both topseat and Scanreco radio remote controls already installed.
Grapple saw comes with its own radio remote. You simply park under the tree and put out and down the outriggers. Then position the crane; clamp shut the grapple and HOLD the toggle; tilt the saw; open the grapple; extend the crane slightly into desired tree section; clamp onto limb; cut; retrieve limb ALL WITHOUT CLIMBING THE TREE.
Far and away SAFER, EASIER and FASTER.
Investment only $229k delivered
We can arrange financing for good credit.

Let AgriStructural Solutions help you own a nice NEW or USED Crane Truck suited specifically for your industry.
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6 Fountainview Circle Number E
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